Yoga means to unite.

It refers to the fusion of body, mind and spirit through meditation, breathing and physical postures. The postures, also called asanas, that I teach belong to a branch of yoga called hatha yoga.

Yoga is not fancy poses. It's how you live your life, how you connect and how you respond. It is about healing, learning and acceptance.
The autopilot of your life slowly transforms into a life that is naturally more awake, balanced, healthy, and happy. You feel less stressed and happier. Relationships become easier as emotions, thoughts, and feelings become clearer and less reactive.

Best of all, who you really are shines through.

The Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

is a form of Hatha Yoga and integrates the 8 limbs of Yoga after Patanjali. It is designed to reveal the full depth of yoga. It is the systematic step-by-step unfolding of awareness without neglecting weak areas. It implies intelligent, balanced evolution, and it produces remarkable strength, flexibility, and clearness of mind.